2018 Calendar
2018 - Our year of Enlargement

"Enlarge the place of thy tent, and let them stretch forth the curtains of thine habitations: spare not, lengthen thy cords, and strengthen thy stakes;" Isaiah 54:2

Regular Programs/Services
Worship Service (Every Sunday)
1st Service - 7:30am - 9:15am
2nd Service - 9:30am - 11:15am
Weekly Prayer & Fasting/ Communion -Wednesdays - 6pm
Weekly House Fellowship -Sundays 5-6pm
Monthly Breakthrough Vigil 1st Friday: 11pm
Monthly Thanksgiving Service Last Sunday
Monthly 3-Day Prayer & Fasting 1st -3rd of each month - February- December

Special Programs
21-Day prayer and fasting
8th - 28th January
Theme: Enlargement through Prayers - 1Chro 4:10

Ministry Preparation Course MPC 2
30th January- 10th March
Theme: Arming trained Servants - Gen 14:14

Ingathering of Souls 1
3rd - 28th February
Theme: Saving the Lost - Matthew 18:11

Greatness 2018
16th - 18th March- 6th Anniversary Celebration
Theme: Divine Blessings - Lev 25:21

Great Business & Career Conference
28th -30th April
Theme: Power of Diligence - Pro 22:29

Children Convention
26th - 27th May
Theme: Divine Instruction - Isaiah 54:13

Ingathering of Souls 2
2nd - 30th June
Theme: Saving the Lost - Matthew 18:11

Church Workers Retreat
28th July
Theme: My Fellow Workers - Colossians 4:11

Favour Conference
25th - 27th August
Theme: Feast of Fat things - Isaiah 25:6

Women Convention
28th -30th September
Theme: The virtuous woman - Pro 31:10

Men Convention
26th - 28th October
Theme: A man's gift - Pro 18:16

Youth Convention
23rd - 25th November
Theme: The Exceptional youth - Psalms 144:12

Prison & Hospital Outreaches
22nd December
Theme: Mercy for Prisoners - Genesis 39:21

Charity Service
23rd December
Theme: Honouring Widows - 1 Tim 5:3

Annual Thanksgiving/ Crossover Service
31st December
Theme: The Voice of Thanksgiving - Psalms 26:7

Great God! Great Love! Great People