Apply To Greathouse Mandate Church Bible School
Personal Information
Full Name
Date Of Birth
Permanent Address Email Address GSM Phone Number Home Phone Number Gender Marital Status (Single, Married, Seperated, Divorced) If married, for how long have you been married? Number of children
Spiritual Information
Are you born again? Briefly describe your salvation experience? Name of Church Church Address How long have you been attending this church? Are you a church worker? If yess which unit or department do you serve? Do you have a cordial relationship with your Senior Pastor? Name of Senior Pastor? Do you have a call of God on your life? If yes, which type?
Educational Information
School/College Educational Qualifications ND, HND BA, BSC etc Programme Type Applied For
How did you hear about GMBS? Who or what inspired your decision to apply to GMBS?
Health Information
Do you have any health challenge requiring special attention
Are you physically challenged that may require assistance
Briefly state your expectations for this programme?
Upload a passport picture of you

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